How to get Windiff on Windows 7 or 8

Windiff is below, and it’s OK, but you really should check out WinMerge, it’s free and much better.

I’m actually using Windows 8.1 at the time of this writing, and the below procedure also works.

Download the Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 support tools.

If you’re feeling lazy, you can go ahead and install it. I personally only wanted Windiff, and not all of the old Server 2003 tools, so here’s what I did.

With your trusty Compression / Zip utility, extract the contents somewhere (I used the folder I saved the file in, and used 7-Zip).


Double click on Support, it’s a cabinet file, and Windows will open it natively.


Find Windiff , right click on it, and choose extract. Save it somewhere that you’ll be able to find it.


Then you can run it from wherever you extracted it to. Feel free to create a shortcut.

How to open an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 7

Click her for the same directions in Windows 8 or 8.1

An Administrative command prompt allows you to run programs and commands with full administrative rights.

Lots of programs and command line options just don’t work with a normal command prompt. Of course, you don’t always get a good error message, sometimes they just don’t work. Microsoft introduced User Account Control in Windows Vista, and not everything has been updated just yet, or maybe never will be.

It’s easy to do. Just click on the Windows Orb (Start Button).


Then type “cmd”.  In the search results pane, you’ll see a little icon for the command prompt appear, with the words “cmd” next to it.


Right click it. In the menu that appears, click on “Run as Administrator”


You’ll receive a prompt from User Access Control. Click Yes.


After that, the command prompt will appear. You can always tell that a command prompt is elevated if it has the words “Administrator” in the title (Pictured Below).


How to Open an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8 or 8.1


Click here for the same instructions for Windows 7

For some tasks, you have to be in an elevated command prompt, if you’re lucky you get an error like “Access denied”, but sometimes whatever you are trying to do just doesn’t work.

It’s pretty easy to get an administrative command prompt, just click on the Windows Logo:


Type “cmd”, and the search results will open on the left hand screen, with “Command Prompt” listed. Right click on it. A menu pops up, choose “Run as Administrator”.


You’ll be prompted with the User Account Control confirmation. Click Yes.


Finally, the command prompt will open. You can always tell you’re in an administrative command prompt by the Title bar. If it says “Administrator” then that’s it.


Google Fiber in 34 more cities, just not mine.


Bah! I’m not on the list! Heck, I’m not even near anything on the list! When I saw that Google announced 34 cities, I was expecting big cities, but it’s just smaller cities surrounding the areas where it’s going to be available, or where it’s already available. Of course, that makes perfect sense. After all, it’s easier to run some fiber right down the road rather than into another state. One day I hope to see my city listed there.

Of course I’m really curious to see what happens with the other internet providers in those areas, I don’t want to trade one Monopoly in for another, but I do want my bandwidth.

The image below links to a full sized shot of the list, or you can see the list for yourself at Google Fiber’s Expansion Plans.


Google is making a Modular Smart Phone?


imageI have to admit that there isn’t a whole lot in the mobile market that makes me excited, but this does. Google and a company called ATAP are creating a modular smart phone under the title “Project Ara”. This is just a terrific idea that I really hope takes off.

In a post titled “Google to Launch Mobile Smartphones in 2015” Paul Thurrott reports that the idea is to “ship a $50 so-called “gray phone” that includes a screen, battery, microprocessor and Wi-Fi module”. Then the user can buy components to buy modules to add features and capabilities to your phone.


The standards for the phone are open, so anyone can develop modules, and they are only limited to what they can fit into the block.


So long as you don’t smash it, or wash it, this could be the last phone you buy. The CPU can be upgraded, the screen can easily be replaced, it’s just such a great idea.

Right now the they are planning on releasing three sizes of the form factor, Endo, and the designs look really cool. Of course, I hope the design is something you can swap out too, if it’s the last phone I buy I don’t want to be stuck with something that’s cool now, but may not age well. Anyone remember parachute pants?

An Error Occurred during Port Configuration. Access is Denied.

imageSo you’re just cruising along, minding your own business, trying to add a new shared printer to a Windows 2008 Server, when all of a sudden, you get hit with this strange error message. I mean, come on, we’re just trying to configure or delete a port, right?

One of my favorite sayings is that the only constant is change.

The first time I ran into this one, it drove me a little batty. I’ve been configuring shared printers on TCP/IP ports for years, and never had a machine give me this error. Well, Microsoft changed this one on me.

The solution is to close the Printer properties dialog, then in the “Device and Printers” window, highlight the printer you want to change, and click on “Print Server Properties” in the menu bar.


Then in the next screen, click the ports tab, and “Change Port Settings” Note: If you’re using Windows 10, you may want to look at “How to Change Port Settings for Printers in Windows 10


Now you’ll have the configure port button that works. Just select your port and click “Configure Port” and you’ll have access to everything you expected.


Hope that helps you out. I don’t know why they made the change, but we’ll just have to improvise, adapt, and overcome.

How to Fix OneNote Misplaced Sections in Android

Onenote has to by one of my all time favorite apps. I’ve always had the issue of researching and fixing a problem, and then after six months or more has passed, I run into the problem again. I always had trouble finding my notes. Not anymore, OneNote has saved me literally years of research.

Now that it’s on all of the mobile platforms, and I can sync notebooks with OneDrive, it’s even better.

Yesterday I ran into this problem imagethough, on Android, two sections I had been working in had disappeared. When I navigated up to my notebook list, I saw a “misplaced Sections”.

Sure enough, I opened it up, and there they were. There wasn’t any way to move them though.

Doing some poking around, I found that if OneNote has changes, it stores them in a cache, and if the notebook is closed or crashes before they can be synched, then they end up in the “Misplaced Sections”.

First thing you want to do is see how much you’ve changed. There’s not an easy way to do it, but you’ll have to copy the changes somewhere else. Maybe to another section.

Then you have to clear the app data for onenote. On my phone it’s in Settings > General > Application Manager, then touch “OneNote”.

Don’t uninstall Onenote, just click on “Clean data” and that will take care of it.


The bad news is you’ll have to re-sync all of your data.

What Mike’s been up to Episode 1


Just discovered the Guild with Felicia Day. I think I had heard about it in the past, but never really checked it out. So far, the episodes are short and interesting. Looks like it’s going to be funny. Just finished Season 1. It looks like there’s 6 seasons, so I have some catching up to do. Although it looks like they are calling season 6 the last one.

I’ve never been much of a youtube video watcher, but that might have to change. There’s just so many niche shows out there. I saw in the related that Felicia has done a ton of other stuff, not to mention everything that’s on Geek and Sundry.


I have been playing with AlienVault OSSIM on and off for a bit now, and there’s a bit of a disconnect between the documentation and the version that is out there now. The long and short of it is I just figured out how to get deploy and connect agents to the server. So that’s cool, and I’m looking forward to the impending deluge of false positives.


I installed CamStudio so I can capture some How To videos, and I was blown away with the amount of crap that they were trying to install along with it. During the install you get prompted to install 4 different pieces of software that aren’t CamStudio. It’s crazy! I’m really not a fan of this type of thing. I know that it’s free, and they need to pay for the bandwidth etc, but they shouldn’t do it through crap ware.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield S01E18–Providence

WARNING: Thar be Spoilers below! If you haven’t watched this episode, then it’s going to be spoiled for you if you keep reading. The only comments allowed in this post are those that don’t give away anything after this episode. In this day and age, with all of the DVR / Streaming services, who knows when someone will watch this episode, it could be years after the Air date. Don’t spoil it! Feel free to comment about anything up to and including this episode, and feel free to do so forever.

In this episode, Agent Ward and Garrett are busting folks out of the Fridge, but first they free up Flowers. We find out that Shield is on the run, with most of their bases in the hands of Hydra. The news is grim.

imageI don’t know if you caught it, but in the news coverage that Coulten is watching in the beginning of the episode, there’s a neat shot of the Helicarrier plowing through the side of a building.

Remember when they were wiping all of the data on the plane because it was too dangerous to fall into the hands of HYDRA? Yea, they put in on a hard drive as backup, and who did they give it to? That’s right, Agent Ward.  I didn’t put that together until watching the recap of the last episode.

With the US Government coming to tie up SHIELD, Coulsen and the team get their personal data wiped out of the system, becoming ghosts, and go on the run to some strange coordinates sent to them on Coulson’s SHIELD badge.

One thing that struck me as strange is that if they thought ahead enough to pack all of the Official SHIELD cold weather gear, why are they all wearing different hats? Anyway, when they get there, they find find…


Patton Oswalt! It was really cool to see him in the episode. Evidently he doesn’t get out much, trapped underground with no contact. At least he knew that Fury was still alive.

Now the team has a base of operations, which isn’t really a secret since they told the double crosser Ward where it is. Of course, at the end we see him showing up to say hi.

So at the end of the episode, we see the bad guys have gravitonium, and every other super weird thing that they have been collecting all season long. There’s only 4 episodes left…