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Google is making a Modular Smart Phone?


imageI have to admit that there isn’t a whole lot in the mobile market that makes me excited, but this does. Google and a company called ATAP are creating a modular smart phone under the title “Project Ara”. This is just a terrific idea that I really hope takes off.

In a post titled “Google to Launch Mobile Smartphones in 2015” Paul Thurrott reports that the idea is to “ship a $50 so-called “gray phone” that includes a screen, battery, microprocessor and Wi-Fi module”. Then the user can buy components to buy modules to add features and capabilities to your phone.


The standards for the phone are open, so anyone can develop modules, and they are only limited to what they can fit into the block.


So long as you don’t smash it, or wash it, this could be the last phone you buy. The CPU can be upgraded, the screen can easily be replaced, it’s just such a great idea.

Right now the they are planning on releasing three sizes of the form factor, Endo, and the designs look really cool. Of course, I hope the design is something you can swap out too, if it’s the last phone I buy I don’t want to be stuck with something that’s cool now, but may not age well. Anyone remember parachute pants?