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Travelers renewed for Season 2!

Netflix’s Travelers is a very interesting twist on time travel, and I really enjoyed season 1. I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying that Season 1 ended with a total pile up of plot lines, and we really didn’t know what was going on.

Being a sci-fi fan, I was worried about that we would experience  the worst case scenario. You know what I’m talking about. You watch a great show, and it ends with a cliffhanger, and then never gets renewed again. The horror!

Well, good news my friends, according to Deadline, Traveler’s was renewed for Season 2!

The creator and writer, Brad Wright, is going to be at the helm for this season as well, which is great news.

Narcos – More Great Netflix Original Television

I’m generally not a big fan of crime shows, my wife loves them, but with the exception of the original “Law and Order” (Lenny rules!), and “The Americans”, I don’t watch them. The Netflix Original Series “Narcos” is the exception.

Narcos follows the rise of cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar. The show is Pablo_Escobar_Mugnarrated by the character Steve Murphy, a DEA agent in Columbia, and the show is filmed in Columbia. It’s also a “period” show, taking place during the 80’s.

If reading isn’t your thing though, you may not like the show. Taking place in Columbia, as you would imagine, Spanish is spoken a lot. Luckily for those of us who don’t speak the language, it’s subtitled. I personally don’t mind, I pretty much keep subtitles on all the time.

The show is pretty fast paced, and you really see the characters change over time. The “newb” DEA agent quickly turns into a jaded veteran, and the main character, Pablo Escobar, starts out as someone that you can relate to pretty easily, even though he’s a smuggler and getting into the drug trade, and you just can’t help but watch in horror as he slips down the dark rabbit hole.

I was a little slow to get on the Narcos bus. I started watching Season 1 after Season 2 had already came out. I can’t regret the delay too much, because now I have a whole 2 seasons to binge. 🙂 I actually figured I would give it a try one day, and ended up watching all of season 1 over a weekend.

One of the aspects of the show that amazes me, and I’m not giving much away here, is the massive amounts of money that Pablo has. He throws around millions of dollars like they are candy bars. I just can’t imagine having access to that kind of money. According to a Wikipedia’s Article on Pablo Escobar, his cartel “supplied 80% of the cocaine smuggled into the United States”. As you can imagine, that would be a metric ton of money.

Also, Columbia is beautiful! Wow.

If you need a show to watch, I have to recommend Narcos.


Netflix – Watch Narcos Online

Wikipedia – Pablo Escobar

News Roundup Episode #2

OneDrive now Supports files up to 10G

Yea, 10G. I’m a huge fan of OneDrive, and I’ll be honest, the file size limit hasn’t been an issue for me. There was one time I was trying to share a big video file, but besides that, no issues.

You can read more here on the Microsoft OneNote Blog.

Of course, this isn’t close to the 5TB file size supported in Google Drive. Still, it works for me.

Also, if you’re an IOS user, a new account gets you 30Gb of free storage.

OneNote Supports writing on Android

I am soooo late on this one. I noticed it quite awhile ago after an update. This was probably the one thing that I most wished OneNote would add, and they did. Writing can just be so much faster than trying to type. Now I just have to work on my handwriting so I can read it.

Here’s the Office Blog post for that one.

Z Nation Ratings

The first episode of Z Nation got 1.6 Million viewers, according to Zap2it. Although I’ve seen a number of show where there is a steep decline in viewership after the first episode.

I found it interesting that the show was Syfy’s “most socially acquired scripted series premiere ever across all social metrics”. Evidently, it was “#4 in the number of tweets in both broadcast and cable”.

Z Nation Episode 01 – My two cents

So the first  episode of Z Natione, titled “Puppies and Kittens” has now aired, and we’ve had a chance to see what the show is all about.

If you’re like me, you probably have a alert set up, or maybe have read a review or two. To make it short and sweet, I liked it. Quite a bit actually.

If you’re familiar with SyFy’s other TV Shows and movies, the effects aren’t always the best. A TV series just simply doesn’t have the budget of a big screen movie, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I’m willing to forgive quite a bit along those lines, and being a fan of Eureka and Warehouse 13, I was expecting the effects to be a bit off.

That being said, I thought it was pretty well done. I only had a few problems with the episode, and I’ll elaborate on that after the spoiler warning.

I’m going to discuss specifics about the first episode below. If you haven’t seen the episode, you’re going to spoil it for yourself. You’ve been warned!


The Walking Dead Vs. Z Nation

Many of the reviews that I’ve been reading are making it out like Z Nation in in a competition with The Walking Dead. OK, they are the same genre, but is there really only room on TV for one show about Zombies? Of course not. If a genre is popular, there can be all sorts of shows, look at crime or medical dramas these days, how many of those are on TV?

Yes, the popularity of The Walking Dead most definitely paved the way for more Zombie shows, but Zombie media has been around for a very long time, and although it hasn’t been in the mainstream, it’s had it’s following.

Let’s judge the show for it’s own merits and shortcomings. Personally, I welcome anything that brings more Zombies onto the TV.


Zombie Law

Craig Engler, a co-creator / writer / co-executive producer for Z Nation did a “Ask me Anything” on reddit, and he was asked about the rules for his Zombies.

We’ve only seen this one episode, and right now the zombies all seem pretty darn fast. Like “28 days later” fast. Craig said that the rule is that the fresher a zombie  is, the faster they are. After a Zombie has been around for awhile, they slow down.

This is kind of a foreign concept for some, but it’s zombie behavior that I’ve started noticing in some books, and I whole heartedly approve.

In most of the popular zombie works, the cause of the dead rising is a virus. The virus based theories follow the premise that the body is being reanimated, and controlled by a virus which solely wants to replicate to other hosts, driving the zombies to hunger flesh (or brains).

If a virus is reanimating the body, you would think that the body would be most capable right after death. Once things start rotting, and tightening up, the zombie would slow down.


Dormant Zombies

This one threw some for a loop too, in the scene, some survivors come upon some “dead” bodies floating in the lake. We are then shown more of the lake, and it’s just chock full of floaters, all appear to be dead.

Then one zombie opens it’s eye’s, and that’s all she wrote. All of the zombies get up and give chase, killing everyone, and overrunning the survivor camp.

If memory serves me correctly, I believe that Max Brook’s “World War Z” (the book, not the movie) was the first place I saw this behavior. The zombies are perpetually in a state of search and destroy. They travel around until they find something they want to pursue and eat. Once they catch it, they keep searching.

However, if a zombie becomes trapped, or some other way immobilized, say buried, or locked in a closet, they go into a sleep state. It conserves energy, and doesn’t move. Once there’s some stimulus that the zombie notices, it goes back to its normal behavior.

In this case, maybe the zombies get tossed into the lake somehow. They aren’t coordinated enough to swim, they don’t sink enough to walk on the bottom, eventually they figure out that they can’t do anything, so they just go to sleep.


Baby Zombie

Me no likey baby zombie. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with a baby becoming a zombie,, my problem is a baby becoming a super zombie. Suddenly, a baby that can’t walk is able to run all over the place willy nilly. A small human who is still working on soft mushy foods can suddenly rip into human flesh. Sorry, I couldn’t suspend my disbelief that much.


Even if I didn’t like the first episode, I would still be watching, at least for a couple of more episodes. As it turns out, I really did like it, and I’m looking forward to seeing more. I’m not planning on writing a review of each and every episode, but I thought I should at least write my impressions of the first one. We’ll see about the rest.

All photos courtesy of SYFY’s Z Nation Web site Give it a visit, they have lots more!

Finally, a reality Show I can Sink my teeth into

I’ve never been much of a fan of reality shows. Add in Zombies, ok, I’ll watch. Yes, I’m a sucker for Zombies.

Syfy has announced the premier of their new reality show “Town of the living Dead”, which follows a town in Alabama that’s making their own independent Zombie movie. Although it’s been 6 years in the making so far.

The unscripted series will premiere on October 7th during the Annual 31 Days of Halloween Spook-a-thon.

The movie’s title is “Thr33 Days Dead”, and is based on a town urban legend.

Town of the Living Dead on SyFy

Syfy Announces 7th Annual 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN SPOOK-A-THON

Walking Dead Companion Series Pilot Ordered!

What a great week for Zombie TV Show news! First I hear that Z Nation has a premiere date (next week!), and then I hear that the pilot episode for a companion series to “The Walking Dead” has been ordered.

TV is going to get even better for Zombie fans!

According to this article in Liberty Voice, the TV Series is “yet to be named” and will take place in a different location that The Walking Dead does.

Of course the pilot script has already been written, but if Robert Kirkman is looking for filming locations, might I suggest Colorado? I mean Georgia is great and all, but you can cover the whole “What happens to Zombies in cold weather” topic. Not to mention the cast and crew could sample our wonderful micro-brews. Just saying…

Right now, according to the article, Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson wrote the pilot, although right now it’s not clear if they will be writing all of the episodes once the series is ordered.

I say “when the series is ordered”, because I just don’t see AMC turning it down. The Walking Dead is so insanely popular, there’s no way they won’t order it. Of course that could be as much wishful thinking as anything else. Keep your severed fingers crossed.

Z Nation Premieres September 12th


I love that tag line! It’s a man eat man world. I mentioned how excited I was that some new Zombie TV shows were coming, and I neglected to say anything about the filming or anything else, but now it has a premiere date that’s very soon. September 12th, mark your calendars!

The story is that they the survivors are trying to get the only human to have survived being bitten by a zombie to a lab in California. You’ll recognize several of the actors.

At least part of the series was filmed in Spokane Washington. I have some friends that live there, and I was hoping that they were going to get involved as extras, but it didn’t happen. Sad smile

Some “The Walking Dead” News

Get your Apocalyptic Sound track ready …

imageIn the episode “Alone”, Season 4, Episode 13, we open up with a flashback to Bob’s life before he met the group. The song that’s playing in the background is “Blackbird Song”. It’s an awesome sounding, haunting song. Thanks to WetPaint, who posted to explain a bit about the song and motivation when Lee DeWyze wrote the song. It’s also available on Amazon as a Single

The Walking Dead is one of the most pirated shows on BitTorrent? Giant Freakin Robot sums up an article from Variety .

I’m sure this comes as no surprise, with it’s incredible popularity, you can see why it would be the most pirated shows. Not only are there about a trillion people who don’t have AMC, but I’m sure there are a lot of people who download it anyway, just so they can re-watch it. Game of thrones was number 1 on the list, which also isn’t a surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan, but I’m personally astonished by how popular Game of Thrones is.

Now for my last bit of news, it’s a spoiler for the comic book if you haven’t read it …


Did Kirkman give away a spoiler?

I ran across this post on Zap2it, Kirkman is on an upcoming episode of The Writer’s Room on Comic Book Resources, and he’s talking about Rick losing his hand in the comic book. Kirkman says “Yea, , but spoiler alert, he loses a hand in Season 5, so …”

I absolutly don’t believe him Smile I’ve heard him more than a few times discuss how he wishes that he hadn’t written it that way in the comic book because of all the difficulties it adds to writing the comic. I just don’t see him repeating that in the series. I would bet a hug with a walker that he doesn’t do it.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield S01E18–Providence

WARNING: Thar be Spoilers below! If you haven’t watched this episode, then it’s going to be spoiled for you if you keep reading. The only comments allowed in this post are those that don’t give away anything after this episode. In this day and age, with all of the DVR / Streaming services, who knows when someone will watch this episode, it could be years after the Air date. Don’t spoil it! Feel free to comment about anything up to and including this episode, and feel free to do so forever.

In this episode, Agent Ward and Garrett are busting folks out of the Fridge, but first they free up Flowers. We find out that Shield is on the run, with most of their bases in the hands of Hydra. The news is grim.

imageI don’t know if you caught it, but in the news coverage that Coulten is watching in the beginning of the episode, there’s a neat shot of the Helicarrier plowing through the side of a building.

Remember when they were wiping all of the data on the plane because it was too dangerous to fall into the hands of HYDRA? Yea, they put in on a hard drive as backup, and who did they give it to? That’s right, Agent Ward.  I didn’t put that together until watching the recap of the last episode.

With the US Government coming to tie up SHIELD, Coulsen and the team get their personal data wiped out of the system, becoming ghosts, and go on the run to some strange coordinates sent to them on Coulson’s SHIELD badge.

One thing that struck me as strange is that if they thought ahead enough to pack all of the Official SHIELD cold weather gear, why are they all wearing different hats? Anyway, when they get there, they find find…


Patton Oswalt! It was really cool to see him in the episode. Evidently he doesn’t get out much, trapped underground with no contact. At least he knew that Fury was still alive.

Now the team has a base of operations, which isn’t really a secret since they told the double crosser Ward where it is. Of course, at the end we see him showing up to say hi.

So at the end of the episode, we see the bad guys have gravitonium, and every other super weird thing that they have been collecting all season long. There’s only 4 episodes left…

Marvel’s Agents of Shield S01E17 – Turn, Turn, Turn

WARNING: Thar be Spoilers below! If you haven’t watched this episode, then it’s going to be spoiled for you if you keep reading. The only comments allowed in this post are those that don’t give away anything after this episode. In this day and age, with all of the DVR / Streaming services, who knows when someone will watch this episode, it could be years after the Air date. Don’t spoil it! Feel free to comment about anything up to and including this episode, and feel free to do so forever.

Well, now that we have that out of the way, Agents of Shield is one of the shows that my wife doesn’t care for. It’s not that she’s watched them and didn’t like the show, it’s just that the fact it’s a Marvel spinoff puts her off of it. The only other person in the house that cares for it besides me is my oldest. I’m going to take any opportunity to Geek-ify my kids that I can, so I don’t watch it much until he’s available and we’re not being force to watch something else.

This Saturday we were able to catch up, and got epispde 17 and 18 in. I’ll post about 18 in just a little while.

imageFirst off, I loved the shot of Agent Garett just kicking back in the plane, reading a book on strategy while drinking some coffee and listening to “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. Of course he’s flying from point A to B in some weird combat jet, to do who knows what when he gets there.

This episode opens up with us assuming that Agent Hand is the bad guy, and somehow wants to kill everyone we like. We are led to believe that she’s part of Hydra and the imageconspiracy to take over shield. Of course, after the scene with Simmons and Hand, where the choice is to swear allegiance to Hydra or die, we figure out that she’s a good guy.

Then, just when you thought you were adjusted to this whole weird situation, we find out that the bad guy is actually Agent Garrett. That killed me.

I really liked his character. Bill Paxton is such a great actor, and with the stories that Garrett told, I could totally see being buddies with him. When he turns on Coulsen, I was blown away. Hydra? Really? Come on John, I expected more from you!

Of course, the real shocker comes at the end when Ward kills Hand.

Yes, Ward killed hand. WTF? I didn’t see Ward being the bad guy. Sure, he’s fairly cold, but he gets the job done and we know where his loyalty lies, or at least we thought we knew where his loyalty lied.

I know Hand was a cold chick, but I really dug those red streaks in her hair. Why isn’t that in fashion? Please, if you have hair, make that in fashion.

Hair fetishes aside, I still have a feeling that Ward is going to be a triple agent, and end up turning on Garrett in the end. Not 100%, but let’s say I’m 83.2% sure.