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Walking Dead Companion Series Pilot Ordered!

What a great week for Zombie TV Show news! First I hear that Z Nation has a premiere date (next week!), and then I hear that the pilot episode for a companion series to “The Walking Dead” has been ordered.

TV is going to get even better for Zombie fans!

According to this article in Liberty Voice, the TV Series is “yet to be named” and will take place in a different location that The Walking Dead does.

Of course the pilot script has already been written, but if Robert Kirkman is looking for filming locations, might I suggest Colorado? I mean Georgia is great and all, but you can cover the whole “What happens to Zombies in cold weather” topic. Not to mention the cast and crew could sample our wonderful micro-brews. Just saying…

Right now, according to the article, Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson wrote the pilot, although right now it’s not clear if they will be writing all of the episodes once the series is ordered.

I say “when the series is ordered”, because I just don’t see AMC turning it down. The Walking Dead is so insanely popular, there’s no way they won’t order it. Of course that could be as much wishful thinking as anything else. Keep your severed fingers crossed.

Some “The Walking Dead” News

Get your Apocalyptic Sound track ready …

imageIn the episode “Alone”, Season 4, Episode 13, we open up with a flashback to Bob’s life before he met the group. The song that’s playing in the background is “Blackbird Song”. It’s an awesome sounding, haunting song. Thanks to WetPaint, who posted to explain a bit about the song and motivation when Lee DeWyze wrote the song. It’s also available on Amazon as a Single

The Walking Dead is one of the most pirated shows on BitTorrent? Giant Freakin Robot sums up an article from Variety .

I’m sure this comes as no surprise, with it’s incredible popularity, you can see why it would be the most pirated shows. Not only are there about a trillion people who don’t have AMC, but I’m sure there are a lot of people who download it anyway, just so they can re-watch it. Game of thrones was number 1 on the list, which also isn’t a surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan, but I’m personally astonished by how popular Game of Thrones is.

Now for my last bit of news, it’s a spoiler for the comic book if you haven’t read it …


Did Kirkman give away a spoiler?

I ran across this post on Zap2it, Kirkman is on an upcoming episode of The Writer’s Room on Comic Book Resources, and he’s talking about Rick losing his hand in the comic book. Kirkman says “Yea, , but spoiler alert, he loses a hand in Season 5, so …”

I absolutly don’t believe him Smile I’ve heard him more than a few times discuss how he wishes that he hadn’t written it that way in the comic book because of all the difficulties it adds to writing the comic. I just don’t see him repeating that in the series. I would bet a hug with a walker that he doesn’t do it.