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I got Boon of the Hoarder! So can you, here’s how.

Oh man oh man! I came home the other day determined to check find me the Boon of the Hoarder. I mentioned that I was trying to get it in a previous post, but I decided today was going to be the day. Here’s what I did…

First off, I followed the advice that I mentioned in my previous post, I hit the three areas,

  • Act I – Caverns of Areaneae
  • Act I – Northern Highlands
  • Act 3 – Core of Arreat

Before I go into many more details, here’s some things that I learned:

Don’t fight anything you don’t have to

If you watch the excellent Diablo 3 Goblin Portal Farming Guide video, he mentions it a couple of times, don’t fight everything, just run in, go to the spots, and get out.

Originally I decided that I was going to get all the experience, gold, and drops while I was there, I mean heck, what if I never find the portal? Well, I changed my mind part way through and it is so much faster if you don’t fight everything.

Not to mention, I was worried that when I’m fighting stuff, I might be scaring the Goblins off. I know I should have gotten a message that I engaged him, but still, I’m superstitious.

So just run by all the monsters, and if the goblin is there, engage him. If not, get out of there.

Lots of Bonus Experience and Chests

I found quite a few reflection pools looking for goblins. Probably 6 or 7 in all. I didn’t keep track though. Those cursed chests were fairly plentiful, and I’ll admit, I cleared those while I was there.

How long did it take?

I wasn’t nearly as lucky as my wife was, but I can’t complain. It took me about 3 hours, which would probably have been less if I didn’t fight everything the first few times, in that time, I made 16 total runs, hitting those areas in each game.

Act I – Caverns of Areaneae

Here’s the map of the area. In the 16 runs, I found 8 Goblins here. The best of the 3. The map is sometimes flipped, with the long tunnel going down, always check both directions. There’s a elite spider by a chest, after you kill her, the Goblin is in a cocoon near the chest. I’m standing right where the chest / elite appears.


Act I – Northern Highlands

This was the worst of the three as far as Goblins go. I only found 3 there out of the 16 times I checked. I will say though, it takes no time to run up there and look, then back to the teleport to get out. It’s the point at the top of the map. I normally run up the east side, then down the west side.


Act 3 – Core of Arreat

This was a good location too, 5 Goblins in 16 trips. From the waypoint, head east. Once you get to the stairs, stop and leave. Lots of elites here, so it can get kind of hairy sometimes.



Good Luck!