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Fix the OneNote 2010 Screen Clipping Shortcut Key


I ran into a bit of a unique issue today, and it had to do with the Onenote Screen Clipping Shortcut key. Now if you’re a long time OneNote User, you’re probably used to the Windows+S shortcut key for starting a screen clipping.

Well, in Windows 8.1, Microsoft hijacked that shortcut key for search everywhere. Either way, OneNote’s shortcut was changed to Windows+Shift+S. I’ll admit, it took me a little while to get used to, but I’m good now.

However, one of my users is running Windows 8.1, and OneNote 2010, and OneNote is still using the Windows+S shortcut key, but it doesn’t work. To fix this, you can take 1 of 3 paths.

1. Disable the Windows +S shortcut key for Windows.

Once you free it up, OneNote will be able to use it. To do this, run the following command:

reg.exe add HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced /v DisabledHotkeys /t REG_SZ /d S /f

2. Change the OneNote Shortcut to a different Key combination

For Office 2010, open registry editor, and naviate to:


Note: The 14.0 designates Office 2010, Use 15.0 for Office 2013, 12.0 for Office 2007.

There should be a DWORD value of “ScreenClippingShortcutKey”, if there isn’t, create one (32-bit DWORD). Change the value to 41 (Hexadecimal) and you’re new shortcut key will be Windows+a.

3. Get a New Version of OneNote

It’s free for personal use, so why don’t you get the new version? I’m only limited because it’s in an enterprise environment, and I’m waiting to roll out the entire office suite.


I went with the first option, since pressing start and typing seems to have the same, if not better, search capabilities.

Hope that helps!


News Roundup Episode #2

OneDrive now Supports files up to 10G

Yea, 10G. I’m a huge fan of OneDrive, and I’ll be honest, the file size limit hasn’t been an issue for me. There was one time I was trying to share a big video file, but besides that, no issues.

You can read more here on the Microsoft OneNote Blog.

Of course, this isn’t close to the 5TB file size supported in Google Drive. Still, it works for me.

Also, if you’re an IOS user, a new account gets you 30Gb of free storage.

OneNote Supports writing on Android

I am soooo late on this one. I noticed it quite awhile ago after an update. This was probably the one thing that I most wished OneNote would add, and they did. Writing can just be so much faster than trying to type. Now I just have to work on my handwriting so I can read it.

Here’s the Office Blog post for that one.

Z Nation Ratings

The first episode of Z Nation got 1.6 Million viewers, according to Zap2it. Although I’ve seen a number of show where there is a steep decline in viewership after the first episode.

I found it interesting that the show was Syfy’s “most socially acquired scripted series premiere ever across all social metrics”. Evidently, it was “#4 in the number of tweets in both broadcast and cable”.

How to Fix OneNote Misplaced Sections in Android

Onenote has to by one of my all time favorite apps. I’ve always had the issue of researching and fixing a problem, and then after six months or more has passed, I run into the problem again. I always had trouble finding my notes. Not anymore, OneNote has saved me literally years of research.

Now that it’s on all of the mobile platforms, and I can sync notebooks with OneDrive, it’s even better.

Yesterday I ran into this problem imagethough, on Android, two sections I had been working in had disappeared. When I navigated up to my notebook list, I saw a “misplaced Sections”.

Sure enough, I opened it up, and there they were. There wasn’t any way to move them though.

Doing some poking around, I found that if OneNote has changes, it stores them in a cache, and if the notebook is closed or crashes before they can be synched, then they end up in the “Misplaced Sections”.

First thing you want to do is see how much you’ve changed. There’s not an easy way to do it, but you’ll have to copy the changes somewhere else. Maybe to another section.

Then you have to clear the app data for onenote. On my phone it’s in Settings > General > Application Manager, then touch “OneNote”.

Don’t uninstall Onenote, just click on “Clean data” and that will take care of it.


The bad news is you’ll have to re-sync all of your data.

Weekly News Roundup

The Wil Wheaton ProjectI bet this will be cool, SyFy is carrying a “topical comedy show hosted by actor, blogger and chanpion of geek culture Wil Wheaton” starting May 27th. It’s supposed to be a working title, but it sounds just find to me. Mark your calendars! Wil has a long article that explains some of the trials and tribble-ations that went into pitching, and creating the show. It’s a good read.

Computers are pretty good at Captcha – As Scooby Doo would say, Ruh Roh Shaggy! Now if computers can figure out Captcha, which I only get right about half the time, why can’t they figure out my handwriting?

Now you can email to OneNote! – Yea baby! Saw this on the office blog.  Go into the “email settings” page (linked from the article) and after making sure you’re logged in with the correct live account, register the “from” address. Then email sent to “me@onenote.com” goes into your onenote notebook, in the “quick notes” (unfiled on android) section.

MS Fixes WSUS for Windows 8.1 – Microsoft released a fix for WSUS 3.2 so that Windows 8.1 Devices can now be patched. The 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 updates will be able to be deployed for 120 days. Apply by August 12th. After that window, separate security updates will be made available to get you there.

Peter Bright has an interesting article over at arstechnica Stating why he believes this to be an indication that Microsoft won’t be issuing any more service packs. Personally I don’t see it that way, I think the 8.1 update was a “aww crap we put something out that no on likes, so let’s make people a bit happier”. There was such an outcry from folks about the Metro style interface, and the lack of a start button, that Microsoft felt they had to do something. I will say, I’m looking forward to the update that let’s you get rid of the Metro interface.

Ask your friends for entertainment recommendations via Facebook – Over on Mashable, Kurk Wagner highlights an upcoming feature to facebook that allows you to ask friends for recommendations on what to watch, read, or listen to. Sounds pretty good, depending on your friends tastes of course.

I personally never enter stuff like that on facebook. There’s already so many sites where I can list things I like, and rate movies and books, it just seems a little redundant to tell yet another service what I like. The article says it’s coming out in late 2013, but since he just posted the article a day before I read it, I assume he means 2014.

Microsoft slashes Windows XP custom support prices just days before axing public patches – Up to 90% for large corporations. Read more over at Computerworld.

Feature Photo courtesy of laffy4k, unmodified under a Creative Commons License.