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How to change port settings for printers in Windows 10

First off, click on start, then type “printers” and you should see “Devices and Printers”, click on that


Find your printer and click on it once, then click on “Print Server Properties”

Update 9/14/17 – If this doesn’t work for you, try typing control panel, then clicking in it. Find “View Devices and Printers” and click on it.


Once the Print server properties dialog appears, click on the tab which reads “ports”.

You should see an option for “Configure Port”.


Or you may see “Change Port Settings” on the bottom of the dialog.



Note (9/14/17): If these steps don’t work for you, I’m willing to bet you have a USB printer that just isn’t being recognized. Try unplugging both the power and the USB port from the printer. Then plug in the USB cable, and the power.

If this still doesn’t help, I would uninstall everything related to the printer, unplug the USB cable, and the re-install it. This has helped me out, especially with those fancy all in one printers.

Installing RSAT for Windows 10 gives 0x80070003


After the upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I’m missing all of my admin tools. Found the link to download the “Remote Server Administration Tools”

Fired up the install, and I received “Windows Update Standalone Installer” Installer encountered an error 0x80070003 The system cannot find the path specified.

Well, the fix was easy enough. I was actually installing it from a network location. Usually my first troubleshooting step is to copy it locally, and then try and install it. That’s what I did in this case, and it worked.

So just copy it locally, then try again.

What does the Windows 10 (Technical Preview) Install look like?

I went ahead and Signed up for the Windows Insider Program, you can too, and downloaded the Technical Preview. The download weighed in at 3GB, and is listed as being “Windows Technical Preview Build 9841.

For those that don’t want to install it on their own (by the way, it seems to work perfectly fine in Virtual Box), there are some screenshots below.

I was pretty much expecting it to look and feel like the Windows 8 install, which no surprise, it does. The one thing I was really hoping for is that they removed the requirement to log on with a Microsoft Live ID. Well, they didn’t. It’s still required, although if you have no connection to the internet, you can in fact create a local account (Pictured Below). Continue reading What does the Windows 10 (Technical Preview) Install look like?