Where to Get some Free eBooks?


My family reads quite a bit, and since my kindle has the ability to store so many books, I like to keep lots of stuff on it.

I believe it was my mother in law that introduced me to BookBub, and I sure am glad that she did. Sign up is easy, just enter your email address, and away you go.

Tell them which book categories that you enjoy, and what type of e-reader you have, and every day they will send you an email with a whole slew of free and cheap books. The list of genres is pretty impressive, and if a book is free and you don’t like it, just delete it, you can’t lose.

As a bonus, since I look at the email they send most days, I’ve had a number of books that I’ve already read come up on the list, and I really liked getting the digital version for free.

I’ve been introduced to several new authors that I really enjoy, and have started several series of books that I would never have heard of if it wasn’t for the offer in Bookbub. Go ahead and check them out.

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